About Us

Hello, the financial seekers out there! 

My name is Jane Dela Cruz, based in Manila, Philippines, as a respected financial advisor with over 7 years of experience in my field. I have a deep understanding of all the challenges faced by common Filipino individuals and families during their management of daily lives.

The most important part is, I hold my degree in Business Administration from the University of the Philippines and am a certified financial planner in my country. 

I have the capability to communicate and solve complex financial conditions in an easy-to-perceive manner.

Now come to my achievement of creating this blog, I am the creator of the Pag-IBIG calculator, an obviously revolutionary tool that will help Filipinos understand and apply for a housing loan from the Government Plan. 

I observed that the process of application was very complicated, confusing, and at the same time difficult for the average citizen, so I decided to create a tool that will amplify the whole process in just minutes to create an informed decision for themselves. 

Since my graduation, I had a comprehensive understanding of the Loans and financial programs offered by the public and private institutions in my country. Thus, my tool is designed to provide essential guidance and information for those who need help for Free!

My dedication and commitment are to helping countless Filipinos out there! Who might want to achieve their different financial goals for themselves, their children, or their parents, and want to build a brighter future!