Does Pag Ibig Have Maternity Benefits?

For expecting mothers out there, having a reliable source of financial support during your maternity leave is crucial. And if you’re a Pag-IBIG Fund member, you might be wondering if they offer maternity benefits.

The answer is yes, they do! In this article, we’ll go over everything you need to know about Pag-IBIG’s maternity benefits.

Who is eligible for Pag-IBIG’s maternity benefits?

To be eligible for Pag-IBIG’s maternity benefits, you must be an active Pag-IBIG Fund member for at least two years and up to the date of delivery. You must also have made at least 24 monthly contributions to the fund to qualify.

How much can you receive from the maternity benefit?

The maternity benefit amount is equivalent to 100% of the average daily wage or salary credit for 60 calendar days, regardless of the mode of delivery. The daily maternity benefit amount shall be computed by dividing the monthly contribution of a member by 30 days.

How can you claim your maternity benefit?

To claim your maternity benefit, you need to fill out the Maternity Benefit Claim form (MBC) and submit it to your employer at least 60 days from the date of delivery. Your employer will then forward the claim to Pag-IBIG Fund, which will process your application. Once approved, they will release the benefit either via check or pay card.

What other maternity-related benefits do Pag-IBIG members have access to?

Apart from the maternity benefit, Pag-IBIG Fund members are also entitled to their maternity-related sickness and hospitalization benefits, as well as a Maternity Care Package. The Maternity Care Package provides coverage for prenatal check-ups, newborn screening, and delivery-related services.


In summary, yes, Pag-IBIG Fund offers maternity benefits to eligible members. It’s essential to become an active and consistent member of the fund to qualify for this benefit. Remember to submit all the necessary documents to your employer and give ample time for processing.

Keep in mind that the fund also offers other maternity-related benefits that can provide additional financial support for expecting mothers. With these benefits, you can have peace of mind knowing that you have a reliable source of financial support during your maternity leave.

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